August 27, 2015


Power was restored today to the Twisp River area beyond Elbow Coulee. This also includes the area around Frost Lake. A few individual services involved in the fire remain disconnected and OCEC is contacting those members.

Approximately three miles of electric line was destroyed. To expedite restoration of power, a portion of the old line across a very steep section of the Methow Wildlife Area was re-routed to a less environmentally sensitive area with a shorter access location. OCEC would like to thank the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the US Forest Service and individual landowners for their cooperation on this change. The purpose of moving the line was to find a route that better balanced environmental impact, cost, time to restore service, and future operations. The portion of the line that was abandoned would have required much more road construction over a very steep portion of the Methow Wildlife Area. Because of the topography and the sensitive nature of the land, a horse team will be used to retrieve the burned poles of the abandoned line in this section of the Methow Wildlife Area.  

A line crew from Inland Power and Light out of Spokane worked with OCEC crews in the power restoration. Several local contractors also assisted in this effort.

Please call our office at 996-2228 if you have any questions.


KXLY News story on OCEC's rebuild up Twisp River.



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